EPC & Green Deal

The EPC is split into two parts:

Energy Efficiency and;
the Environment.

To receive the feed in tariff for solar panels a property must meet a category d level for its energy efficiency, if installed after the 1st of April 2012. To acheive a category d rating your property will need to have a minimum of fifty five points in the government Standard Assessment Procedure. If you do not achieve at least category d rating you will only be paid nine pence per kilowatt.







How can my property get a category d rating in the standard assessment procedure?

It is quite easy to reach the minimum level of fifty five points. In fact the Department for Energy and Climate Change estimate that fifty one percent of residential properties will already reach the category d standard assessment procedure level and that sixty five percent of all commercial buildings will attain this level aswell.

You will need to get an assessment done before you have your solar panels installed or you make an application for the feed in tariff. The residential survey will range in cost between forty to eighty pounds and the commercial survey will cost approximately one hundred and fifty pounds.

The category d can be reached with the combination of a condensing boiler and loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. Most properties now already have a condensing boiler and we can also fit one for you as part of the package, as our company is gas safe registered.

Furthermore, home insulation usually costs in the region of one hundred to three hundred pounds. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information via the website or you can call us directly on 01394 383242.